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Basic Instincts of Self-Defense

Basic Instincts of Self-Defense
Defenses Against Unarmed Attacks DVD

by Thomas Kurz and Lt. Col. Grzegorz Piwowarczyk

Video: 104 minutes | Format: DVD | System: NTSC
(Our DVDs are only in NTSC but they play in virtually all PAL DVD players.)

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Escape any mugging hold, grab, or choke! Defeat kicks and strikes and disable the attacker with devastating locks and throws!
Learn this easy, no-nonsense, complete system of self-defense. The techniques are so simple that most of them can be done effectively after only one try! They are very effective thanks to being based on your basic, natural, instinctive reactions that immediately neutralize an attack.


How to defend against 55 common attacks by turning the attacker’s force against him

  • How to defeat much stronger attackers without strength or agility
  • How to defeat all bear hugs and grabs, from the front and from behind
  • How to protect yourself from skillful punching and kicking attacks
  • How to throw attackers to the ground or put them in armlocks
  • How to fall so you will not get hurt if tripped or thrown down
  • How to defend yourself when the attacker holds you down on the ground
  • How to eliminate the need for long training and quick reactions

This system relies on movements that are simple and easy to master. The easier the move the better it will work for you in the stress of a fight. You will learn quickly because of NEW teaching methods. All techniques of this system have many common elements, so the habits developed while learning one technique will make learning the next one even easier. Your reactions will become automatic, which will cut down on decision making under stress. The fewer decisions, the faster your reactions.

This system will increase your confidence—something that bullies and muggers sense and are afraid of, so they will leave you alone.



  • Falling Backward
  • Falling Sideways Rolling Fall
  • Falling Forward


  • Defenses against grabs and grappling attacks
  • Defenses against strikes and kicks from a distance of one leg length, or shorter
  • Basics of defending against strikes and kicks from a distance of one leg length
  • Passive defenses
  • Defenses against strikes and kicks ending with armlocks
  • Defenses against kicks from a distance greater than one leg length
  • Basics of defending against kicks (front, side, roundhouse, and rear) from a distance greater than one leg length
  • Defenses against kicks ending with armlocks


  • Defenses against grabs and grappling attacks
  • Defenses against strikes and kicks from a distance of one leg length, or shorter
  • Defenses against kicks from a distance greater than one leg length


  • Defenses against grabs and grappling attacks
  • Defenses against strikes and kicks from a distance of one leg length, or shorter
  • Defenses against kicks from a distance greater than one leg length


Learn self-defense and grappling from the best, not the second best.
Pawel Nastula won the Judo World Championship in 1995 and 1997 and Olympic gold in 1996, and Magdalena Szewczyk is Poland’s Wrestling Champion (Women) and a silver medal winner in Poland’s Judo Championship.


“The premise of the video is to offer methods of defense (mentally and physically) which are simple to learn, simple to execute under duress, practical, effective and whose offensive and defensive technical applications can be practiced relatively safely at full speed, full power. It is directly stressed and often implied through the presentation that a defender will respond in real time the way he or she trains. And if training does not possess elements of actual power and force on force practice, one will be inadequately prepared.

“Many years ago, during real world combative activity, I learned just how ineffective strikes can be and just how difficult generating powerful striking applications can be when the body and mind are under the uncontrollable influences of combat duress.

“When one learns how to use body leverage, evasive movement and balance breaking against an attacking human adversary, as is clearly shown and taught in this DVD selection, then one does possess strong, effective and versatile defensive tactics, leading to an inner security that is unwavering under duress.

“The level of professionalism applied to the production of this DVD is without compare. It contains a lifetime worth of defensive skills to assimilate and master, makes it a rare and valuable find, indeed.”

Rev. A. Bodhi Chenevey, RM, DD
Hikaze Learning Corner
Rev. A. Bodhi Chenevey writes for Jissen Magazine

“I really enjoyed your Basic Instincts of Self Defense. I was impressed by its clearly laid out progression and easily learned, simple yet very effective techniques that don’t rely on trying to grab a wrist or finger in the midst of a chaotic, high stress situation.

“Straightforward, efficient, and no punches pulled (pun intended)! A “gold standard” in my video library.”

Greg Premo
Tae Kwon-do 5th Dan
Judo 1st Dan
Personal Defense Readiness ( Underhill, VT

“Your selection of techniques and graded advancement from armlocks to clinch and throws, from defenses against grabs and holds to defenses against punches and kicks are fantastic. Methodology and explanation, simplicity and practical approach is what I like about this tape.

“My experience in some other systems gives me the possibility to highly value your tape. I decided to include your basic idea into our training. It is an excellent link between Aikido techniques and practical self-defense.”

Ragib Karamehmedovic
Aikido (Goshin) instructor
Sarajevo, Bosnia

“This video teaches basic defense moves against 55 typical attacks; all simple moves, all designed to work against a stronger attacker, and based on natural, instinctive reactions to assault.”

Self-Defense Magazine

“Believe me, this video delivers the goods. This is not one of those `learn to defeat any attacker in only 15 minutes with only 3 simple moves’ tapes. No, this is real good self-defense packed into a 1.5 hour video.

“I would recommend this video tape to anyone. I particularly recommend it to beginning and intermediate students who are unable to attend self-defense class on a regular basis. Get yourself a partner, buy some good mats (the falls in this video can be pretty rough), and buy this video. I don’t think you will be disappointed.”

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