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Never-Thought-of-It LLC’s Return Policy

Books and DVDs
Our warranty applies only to books and DVDs produced by Real Self-Defense and by Stadion Publishing (except the video Self-Defense: Tools of Attack).

We do not accept any returns for refunds of the DVD Self-Defense: Tools of Attack due to the nature of the information on this DVD. We will only exchange the DVD of Self-Defense: Tools of Attack in cases of defects.

Our warranty does not apply to the DVD set The Essential Ray Floro produced by Floro Fighting Systems and imported by us for our customers’ convenience. We will only exchange DVD sets of The Essential Ray Floro in cases of defects.

If you are not happy with our books or DVDs, return them in good condition within 90 days of the date of purchase from us, and we will refund the price of merchandise (less shipping and handling).

Unbreakable® Umbrellas
Your purchase of the Unbreakable® Umbrella is covered by its Limited Warranty. We will refund the price of the Unbreakable® Umbrella only for causes listed in its Limited Warranty.

How to Return Your Purchase for Refund

• Book or DVD has to be in good condition, not torn, bent, soiled, or broken. You can view the video before deciding that you do not want it. We sell high quality information and do not play cheap tricks such as requiring that the videos remain shrink-wrapped.

• Send your merchandise to the same address you ordered it from. If you ordered it from us, you can send it back by U.S. Mail or by UPS, FedEx, or some other shipping company.

Our mailing address is:
Never-Thought-of-It LLC
P.O. Box 335
Island Pond, VT 05846, U.S.A.

Our street address for UPS, FedEx and other shipping companies is:
Never-Thought-of-It LLC
135 Fitzgerald Ave.
Island Pond, VT 05846, U.S.A.

Within 48 hours of receiving your merchandise we will refund the price of merchandise (less shipping and handling). If you have paid by check or money order we will send you our check with the refund. If you used a credit card we will credit your card account.

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