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Self-Defense Tips

Tips on how to defend against common attacks, how to use everyday objects in self-defense, how to tell realistic defenses from phony defenses, how to develop mental toughness for self-defense, how to select a self-defense system, a self-defense instructor, or a martial arts school.

Self-Defense Tip #91 — Whack, Then What? Arrest?

A British policeman sees a problem with Unbreakable® Umbrella and suggests an improvement to help deal with an attacker one has subdued. Suggestion: I recently bought the telescopic model umbrella through your UK distributor. It is so inconspicuous that I walked right past the security at a bar in London last week and they didn’t […]

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Self-Defense Tip #90 — Punching After Takedown

Ronda Rousey, top, and Liz Carmouche during the UFC women’s bantamweight championship, in 2013 What if the opponent lying on the ground had a blade? How well would the punching go? It is one thing to punch someone when risking only a punch back but a much different thing when risking crippling cuts and stabs. […]

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Self-Defense Tip #89 — Knife in groundwork

Don’t you think there is something wrong with this book cover? Considering that in addition to the point, the knife has a sharp edge or even two, which can cut forward and backward with little pressure, why use it as if it were a dull stake needing a lot of force behind it? I don’t […]

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Self-Defense Tip #88 — Empty hands vs. knife

A very educational video of a real knife fight: It is amazing it was not over much sooner. . . . The video shows how difficult it is to defend oneself without an “arm extender.” It also shows that although the defender was brave, he lacked the common sense to take off his backpack when […]

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Self-Defense Tip #87 — Using Edged Weapons: Straight Razor and Bicycle Spoke

This tip continues the topic of edged weapons most often used in street attacks. Today, straight razors and sharpened bicycle spokes. Straight razor: This weapon slashes and is obviously not suitable for stabbing. In skilled hands, a straight razor can disable a knifer because a very light contact with flesh, say a knifer’s forearm, cuts […]

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Self-Defense Tip #86 — Using Edged Weapons: Knife and Machete

This tip and the forthcoming one are about general principles of using edged weapons, whether for attack or for self-defense. Unlike blunt weapons, edged weapons require very little force to do great damage. With well-sharpened blades, a touch and press is usually all it takes to leave an unforgettable impression. I write here only about […]

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Self-Defense Tip #85 — Using Flexible Weapons: Garrote

As you know from the preceding self-defense tip, most flexible weapons are blunt, but the garrote is a flexible weapon that cuts. It is easy to make in either the common version, with piano wire and metal handles, or the nonmagnetic version, with synthetic-fiber line and plastic handles weighted with lead. The following clip from […]

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Self-Defense Tip #84 — Using Flexible Weapons: Nunchaku

Now a word about flexible weapons. Most flexible weapons are blunt—I know, there are flexible swords and composite weapons consisting of chain and a blade, but the likelihood of encountering one of those is slim. (Then there are piano-wire garrotes, but that’s a topic for another day.) As with nonflexible blunt weapons, flexible weapons must […]

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Self-Defense Tip #83 — Using Blunt Weapons

In this tip I talk about using blunt weapons for self-defense. I will write about other kinds of weapons at another time. Whenever you strike an assailant in self-defense, your strike cannot merely anger the assailant, or worse, amuse him. If you use a weapon and anger the assailant instead of disabling him, your weapon […]

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Self-Defense Tip #82 — In a Confrontation Don’t, Part III

When in a confrontation . . . Don’t be an easy target — don’t get into an easy range. Get out of the way of potential assailants. If you see a bunch of thugs, give them a wide berth. If they move toward you anyway, you will have a head start running away or getting […]

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Self-Defense Tip #81 — In a Confrontation Don’t, Part II

When in a confrontation . . . Don’t warn — it’s stupid, unless you have your gun drawn and trained on the attacker and you are in a good position. Warning involves talking, so besides revealing intentions and capabilities, it slows down the talker’s reaction time. Instead of talking, move and as you do, get […]

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Self-Defense Tip #80 — In a Confrontation Don’t, Part I

When in a confrontation . . . Don’t just stand there — move! Get off the line of a possible attack, like here: Watch also instruction at 2 min 38 sec (triangle footwork) and at 5 min 22 sec (moving to the outside). Self-defense tip from Thomas Kurz, co-author of Basic Instincts of Self-Defense and […]

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