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Self-Defense Tip #109 — You Better Time It Well

A long stick gives you reach but you better time you swing well, otherwise this will happen:

Applying any of the techniques mentioned above is your sole responsibility.

Neither Never-Thought-of-It LLC nor the author of this self-defense tip, nor persons pictured in this self-defense tip, make any representation, warranty, or guarantee that the techniques described or shown in this tip will be safe, effective, or legal in any self-defense situation or otherwise.

The reader or viewer assumes all risks and hazards of injury or death to herself, himself, or others, as well as any resultant liability for the use of the techniques and methods contained in this self-defense tip.

Specific self-defense responses demonstrated or described in this self-defense tip may not be justified in certain situations in light of all the circumstances or under the applicable federal, state, or local law. Neither Never-Thought-of-It LLC nor the author of this self-defense tip makes any representation or warranty regarding the legality or appropriateness of any techniques described or demonstrated in this self-defense tip.

Self-defense tip from Thomas Kurz, co-author of Basic Instincts of Self-Defense and author of Science of Sports Training, Stretching Scientifically, and Flexibility Express.

The Unbreakable Umbrella -- better than a cane, keeps the rain off, whacks like a steel pipe.


4 Responses to Self-Defense Tip #109 — You Better Time It Well

  1. JJ says:

    Practice on a double-end bag AKA “crazy ball” will help.

  2. Steve says:

    As a former foil fencer, I’d use the point to critical areas like throat, eyes, face. I think timing is very hard swinging it and, if the tip wasn’t sharp enough to use as a foil, I’d break the stick in half and use two sticks like the machete folks do. I don’t think you have a good chance the way that guy went about it with the stick.

    • Thomas Kurz says:

      The guy in the video held a stick of a quarterstaff size but tried to use it like a baseball bat so he failed. To use well a stick as big as a quarterstaff one needs to know how to use the quarterstaff (good basics are here Regardless of the length and weight of the stick one likes to use, one has to practice distancing and timing with it, so the time gap between planting the lead foot and the impact of the stick’s end on the target is shorter than a blink of an eye. A double-end bag will help with that, like JJ advised.

  3. Tiny says:

    The shorter the stick the easier is that timing. I have both the full-length walking stick umbrella and the telescopic one. With the telescopic umbrella I can strike just like the guy on your Tools of Attack.


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