Self-Defense Tip 103 Defense Against Knife Attack: Unbreakable® Umbrella

Stupid opinions on Unbreakable® Umbrella in defense against knife attack

Now and then, on some forum, someone writes a post about using the Unbreakable® Umbrella for self-defense, for example, against a knife attack. If the post includes a link to I find out about it because my web-stat app tells me where traffic to comes from. So, if I get curious about a new source of traffic, I visit the forum, read posts and replies and often think, “Where do these cases come from?” Below, I quote examples of typical posts and replies, so you can see why I think this way. Keep in mind that the threads these posts and replies come from include links to, yet many still opine without acquainting themselves with facts.

“Unless you get a brilliant shot in with the umbrella (‘deadly eye poke!’), you’re not going to have much effect.”

“I know exactly how I would defend myself with an umbrella against someone who has a knife, and definitely wants to stick me with it:
If my umbrella is already opened: throw umbrella at them, and run.
If my umbrella is still closed: throw umbrella at them, and run.”

“The danger of getting hit with an umbrella is mostly that it hurts. The danger of getting cut with a knife is that you bleed to death. The likelihood that even a trained combatant would successfully poke out someone’s eye before they got stabbed is pretty low. An untrained one will undoubtedly use the umbrella as a shitty club and get stabbed immediately.”

“My experience is that it is not the shaft of an umbrella that breaks, but the links between the frame and ‘spokes’.”

Think about the last opinion. Shafts of ordinary umbrellas can’t deliver a solid whack without breaking, whether they are made in the UK, China, or wherever. (By a solid whack I mean powerful enough to disable a knifer, a whack like the ones you can see in these videos. By the way, do you see any spokes breaking during all the whacking and other torture tests?) Just imagine the type who wrote that nonsense. . . .

Again, the above opinions were posted following a link to where the posters could, if they had bothered, see videos of Unbreakable® Umbrellas breaking coconuts (just think what else they can break — in strong hands).

Facts on the use of Unbreakable® Umbrella in self-defense

And here C.G., a member of realselfdefense-list, responds to such nonsense opinions with fact:

1. An open umbrella is a poor shield but offers some concealment of your next move.

2. Closed, it is the same as a stick or a cane and can be used in the same way. Do not worry about stabbing an eye, use it as you would a stick. You don’t know how to do that? Go online and find videos or a martial arts course that teaches it. Then train. [My comment: Effectiveness of your training is up to you. Some chose to be untrained, and I don’t care for such. See the below posts for info on video courses teaching how to use an umbrella in self-defense.
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3. Carried as a matter of course, you always have a weapon with you, even in places where other weapons are denied you. A simple cane is in the same category, but does not provide shelter in the rain.

4. In terms of fighting a man with a knife, the stick or closed umbrella will win for a determined fighter. Unlike some here [in the forum], I speak with knowledge rather than assumption.

5. As for guns, the umbrella is not hopeless. You can use it as a tool of distraction, depending on your own abilities and wit. [My comment: Remember the 21-foot rule — while sticks are not as lethal as knives, the rule still holds true for them.]

6. Never give up. If you lose, lose fighting.

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5 thoughts on “Self-Defense Tip 103 Defense Against Knife Attack: Unbreakable® Umbrella”

  1. I believe most of the original critics do not understand that the Unbreakable Umbrella is NOT a typical wimpy umbrella. This thing is very tough and makes a formidable weapon in the right (trained) hands. I own one and would be extremely reluctant to be hit hard with it.

  2. @ANDY
    “Keep in mind that threads these posts and replies come from include links to yet many still opine without acquainting themselves with facts.”

  3. As a former fencer, I would suggest seeing the Unbreakable Umbrella as similar to a sabre. While the side is not sharp, its impact is formidable and you also have the tip for an assailant to content with. The main difference is that it would best be used with two hands IMO, either somewhat like a Japanese sword or like the military use the bayoneted rifle.

  4. I bought one not long ago, and I have some experience in self defence/combatives. The unbreakable umbrella is just another good tool/another “layer of the onion”. Will it solve every problem every time? Not! But I tell you what, its about as good as an expandable baton, its easy/second nature and requires little training if any. Its ALWAYS accessible (in the hand), and its lightning fast to deploy (especially if you have done a little stick work before), add some burned in foot work…it is a solid weapon… that is always in your hand! Like a stick it can be used for easy chocking and neck breaking techniques at contact range, and then there is the fairly heavy duty “skull crushing pommel”!…. not to be trifled with, when wielded by the right person…. And as others have pointed out, it keeps rain off you and you may carry it anywhere you like!

  5. I’ve had an unbreakable umbrella for several years and carry it in Downtown Cleveland during inclement weather, against which it holds up well. The winds here can get severe, it’s flipped over once or twice but easily recovered. In other weather I walk with a black raven cane The U.U. Is fine but I feel more secure with the cane, which is more formidable. I wish there was an unbreakable that was longer for walking and a bit heavier.

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