Self-Defense Tip 92 Terrorism and Altruism

Was a terrorist defeated by altruism or by the fighting spirit of gutsy people?

Six people recently fought a well-armed terrorist, and with plenty of guts and a little luck, they won. Then, on the radio, I heard nonsense from a Yale psychology professor about how they altruistically risked their lives to save strangers.

Where is the altruism? Altruism is when someone who is not in danger does something very risky for the sake of others. Those six were in danger — if they hadn’t fought, they certainly would have been killed or maimed. They did what proper people do and sheeple don’t. The rest of the passengers simply got a free ride on the fighting spirit of those six.

What other options did these six have? Hope the terrorist would either change his mind and not shoot anybody or be so kind as to do only clean kills — point-blank shots to the back of everyone’s head?

Three of the six men who fought a well-armed terrorist on a train from from Amsterdam to Paris

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1 thought on “Self-Defense Tip 92 Terrorism and Altruism”

  1. Good points. The terrorist is “lucky”. Despite his brandishing of weapon after weapon, nobody simply turned one of those guns on him! If he was dead, he would be in hell. So for now, he is “lucky” and I don’t believe in luck. Salutes to the brave, and tofu for the sheep.

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