Self-Defense Tips

Tips on how to defend against common attacks, how to use everyday objects in self-defense, how to tell realistic defenses from phony defenses, how to develop mental toughness for self-defense, how to select a self-defense system, a self-defense instructor, or a martial arts school.

Self-Defense Tip #7 — Sleeve grab

What should your first reaction be when someone grabs you by the sleeve? Should you first attempt to shake off ...
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Self-Defense Tip #6 — Throat grab

What should your first reaction be when someone grabs you by the throat? First, protect your throat! Bring your chin ...
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Self-Defense Tip #5 — Fighting stance and position

Here is what you must do when facing strikes and kicks. Put your arms “on guard,” your left leg forward ...
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Self-Defense Tip #4 — Rear under-the-arms bear hug

If an attacker grabs you in a rear under-the-arms bear hug, your first concern is to protect your bottom ribs ...
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Self-Defense Tip #3 — Rear over-the-arms bear hug

An intelligent attacker, if he or she decides to grab you in a rear over-the-arms bear hug, will grab you ...
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Self-Defense Tip #2 — Eye Stab

Some situations can be solved by stabbing an attacker's eyes with your fingers. For example, in our video Basic Instincts ...
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Self-Defense Tip #1 — How to set up an entry into a clinch with a kick combination

You may know from our video Basic Instincts of Self-Defense how to defend against someone who punches and kicks. If ...
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