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Reviews of Gold Medal Mental Workout

Our Customers Tell You About Gold Medal Mental Workout

Pawel Nastula

Pawel Nastula, World and Olympic Judo Champion, performing Gold Medal Mental Workout Exercise 12: Recovery during a break in fighting.

Nowicki’s mental workouts helped me to overcome fear and anxiety and gave me self-confidence.”

Pawel Nastula
Gold Medals ’96 Olympics
’95 and ’97 World Championship
Warszawa, Poland

Waldemar Legien

Waldemar Legien celebrating his first Olympic Gold Medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

“Particular elements of Gold Medal Mental Workout, especially those dealing with relaxation and concentration, contributed to my success. Relaxation helped me by speeding up my recovery after workouts. It gave me the ability to be more active and to work out harder. I did not feel weary … [or] … physically fatigued.

Gold Medal Mental Workout gave me an excellent mind-set for the Olympics. In the contest area I felt as if I already had been there and fought before. The hall seemed pleasant, cozy. In spite of the great number of spectators I was not nervous or affected in any way.”

Waldemar Legien
Gold Medals ’88 and ’92 Olympics
Bytom, Poland

“Many people regard sports psychology as ‘mumbo jumbo’ and only for the weak minded. This is untrue as your mind plays a major part in peak performance.

“Imagery or visualization is a difficult but most powerful skill to learn. The brain cannot tell the difference between a real experience or one visualized in your mind. By practicing your visualization skills you are programming your nervous system to respond as if you where actually performing the technique physically. You can visualize many situations whether it be executing a throw, defending an attack, feel the tension and atmosphere in the stadium, hear the roar of the crowd etc. The more vivid you visualize the more you will be prepared to achieve success.

Gold Medal Mental Workout is a complete course designed to teach you the basic mental preparation skills of breathing, muscular and mental relaxation and focusing, to more advanced mental preparation of imagery, concentration, simulation fight training etc. over a period of ten weeks.

“What I like about Gold Medal Mental Workout is that each exercise is short and specific, tailored for combat sports and you decide the goal you want to achieve in each workout.

“We all spend a lot of time training and tuning our bodies and neglect that vital component that makes us tick. Here is a package that will train the mind, joining everything together and give you a greater chance to achieve your full potential.

“I liked the whole package and will certainly use the audio tapes [now on CDs] and mental preparation techniques as part of my training for future competitions.”

Nigel Donohue
European Champion in 1995
Winner of the Paris Tournament 1993
British Champion numerous times

“Thanks to Nowicki’s mental training I do very well during the most important contests. Gold Medal Mental Workout gives me energy, self-confidence, and the belief that I will win.”

Marek Garmulewicz
Freestyle wrestling
Two-time European Champion

“Before the start I felt inner concentration. During the finals I was concentrated on the task and shot a record score which allowed me to win silver medal. I had overcome mental block that paralyzed me during the World Championships [a month earlier]. Mental training let me release my potential.”

Miroslawa Sagun
European champion in air pistol and Silver Medal winner at 1998 World Cup.
After a bad performance at the World Championship in July of 1998,
she used Nowicki’s Gold Medal Mental Workout to prepare for
the World Cup in Buenos Aires in August 1998. She credits
Nowicki’s program with her silver medal at the World Cup.

“I had a copy of your Gold Medal Mental Workout shipped to me via a friend here in Kuwait through the APO system. As I expected I was not disappointed with its quality and depth.”

William Beaver
author of Practical Martial Arts for Special Forces
Master Instructor Kuwait Special Forces
Khaldeya, Kuwait

“During the few weeks preceding my start in the Olympic Games in Seoul, I participated in mental training conducted by Dariusz Nowicki. This mental training had a significant influence on my success in Seoul.”

Janusz Pawlowski
Silver Medal ’88 Olympics
Gdansk, Poland

Hiram Carriles

Hiram Carriles

“I am currently using the Gold Medal Mental Workout, and even though I haven’t gone through [all of] it, I am very pleased with the results. In the last National Championship in Mexico I breezed through the elimination rounds and lost in the quarterfinals after making a Mexican bronze medalist (’91 World Champ) really sweat.”

Hiram Carriles
instructor at Centro Universitario de TaeKwonDo
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Karolina Plecha

Karolina Plecha, European Champion in hapkido.

Gold Medal Mental Workout helped me win the European Championship in hapkido, Belgium International Championship and Great Britain International Championship in taekwondo. It helps me relax and to concentrate during contests. Thanks to Gold Medal Mental Workout I learn faster and easier and do not have stage fright before contests.”

Karolina Plecha
European Champion (hapkido)
Ffive-time Champion of Poland (taekwondo)
Lublin, Poland

Gold Medal Mental Workout teaches all aspects of mental training, […] with simple vocabulary in a warm, deep voice and with peaceful music. […] [Exercise 9:] Mental Simulation Fight Training or [Exercise 11:] Peak Performance put you back on the mat in a training session or a tournament.

“I had been using exercises similar to those outlined by Mr. Nowicki, but I’m now including some of his in the mental training of some French elite athletes. I therefore recommend the Gold Medal Mental Workout to any athlete seeking to enhance her or his competitive performance by a serious mental training program.”

Jean Fournier
Institut National du Sport et l’Education Physique
Unit de Preparation Mentale
Paris, France

“The genius of Gold Medal Mental Workout is the clarity of language and simple step-by-step procedures that focus specifically on your sport. Gold Medal Mental Workout could easily revolutionize athletic training for Western athletes. The combination of Eastern and Western perspectives on athletic performance is brilliant and long overdue.”

Richard Hoadley
Taekwondo 5th Degree Black Belt
Executive National Director U.S. Taekwondo Alliance
Mobile, Alabama

“The material is presented in a clear manner and is a must for any athlete who is interested in mental preparation. It clearly synthesizes the technique of many psychologists. It is an excellent implementation of the ideas of many of the leading experts in the field.”

Francis J. Lodato, Ph.D.
sports psychologist
Newtown, Connecticut

“I found the tapes (now on CDs) easy to listen to, and most exercises are quite short. The content is suitable and well organized. In fact I think that this is an excellent addition to the resources available in applied sport psychology, and it is particularly encouraging to see such a resource emanate from Eastern Europe. I hope the international sports community will give this serious consideration.”

Stuart Biddle, Ph.D.
President of European Federation of Sports Psychology
Exeter, England

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