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Our Customers Tell You About The Unbreakable® Umbrella

I often practice with my Unbreakable® Umbrella [Premium model U-105] using an Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag. My daughter’s boyfriend saw me practicing and asked about the umbrella. I offered it to him and said “strike the bag as hard as you’d like.” He did. The blow to the bag destroyed the column attaching the bag to the weighted base. The umbrella was unscathed. Amazing product! Good work.

“Photo of remains of PowerCore bag attached.

Everlast Freestanding Heavy Bag-vs-U-105_Reid

S. R., M.D.

Unbreakable® Telescopic Umbrella was a great companion for my cruise. It never raised an eyebrow, regardless of whether I was carrying it through Customs in my hand or in my luggage. It has a substantial “feel” to it that is very reassuring. I also like the glass-breaking tip option.
“In recent months, I’ve found myself doing a lot of criminal defense investigations which require many trips to courthouses to meet with attorneys and pull records. Any kind of potential weapon never makes it past the building security screeners. I’ve even had them stare at my pocket flashlight, so I’ve gone to a model that has less of a “tactical” look about it.
“This puts me in the unenviable position of having to secure every other defensive item that I generally carry on my person in my vehicle, which usually ends up in a parking deck somewhere. Read that pocket knife, pepper spray and tactical pen. The only other item I’ve had success taking in past security has been my telescopic umbrella. Apparently it doesn’t look like anything more than it is when it goes through the x-ray machine. I’ve come to rely upon it for the one-two block walk from my car to the courthouse and back, which is often after dark at this time of the year.

Mark Maas, Licensed Investigator & Security Consultant
Fairfield, Pennsylvania

Got the umbrella [the Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Standard] and tested it a bit. I just love it. Now I am not worried about mean dogs nor rascally humans who prey on old ladies. I will be moving to Florida and it is just prudent … and common to see somebody with an umbrella daily since no matter the forecast it is likely to rain at any time. I needed a sturdy umbrella that won’t break if the wind pops it and one I can use for self-defense is just icing on the cake. I have broken many a cheap umbrella using it to defend myself and also the wind has broken many others.
“This is better than a sword cane or switchblade style as it is legal and I was taught a few lessons in staff fighting a long time ago when I was young. I have to carry a cane and when I get moved down to Florida, an umbrella as well. This will serve all functions.

Rebecca Lindsey, A lady not to be messed with

I recently bought the telescopic model umbrella through your UK distributor. Firstly, can I say that I think the umbrella is fantastic. From a weather protection perspective, I had it out in high winds the other day, none of the turning inside out rubbish that you normally get. From the defensive aspect, UK weapons law is all about disarming the law abiding citizen, whilst criminals break the law and carry weapons anyway (but that’s another story). I am a serving Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police. As a matter of service policy, we are not allowed to carry our issued Tasers, Batons, or CS Spray whilst off duty. I carry a canister of StoppaRed as one of my self-defence options. It is made by Mace for the UK market; it looks like pepper spray, but is actually a thick gloopy, red dye. It is designed to distract/disorientate and leave a visual mark for the police to easily find the suspect. It’s very good for when you’re out in public, but not so good if you go anywhere you are likely to be searched (i.e., bars, theme parks etc), so I don’t take it. The umbrella is great for

a) a back up if the bluff/threat of the spray doesn’t work, or the assailant ignores the thick gloop in his face,

b) you are presented with a lethal threat such as a bladed weapon (forget about trying to gloop someone with a knife), or

c) I’m going to a bar/theme park where search is a condition of entry. It is so inconspicuous that I walked right pass the security at a bar in London last week and they didn’t look twice because it is just an umbrella.

D. B.
United Kingdom

Your umbrella is the best dual purpose travel accessory made. Glad I thought of it.

W. L. Hunt
Olney, Montana

Unbreakable® Umbrellas deserve their name. We gave Premium Walking-Stick Umbrella and Collapsible Umbrella [Unbreakable® Telescopic Umbrella] a try and were impressed with the substantial materials used and the build quality. At first these umbrellas look like any normal umbrella, but when you get hands on one the differences become apparent. Grab a hold of the Collapsible Umbrella [Unbreakable® Telescopic Umbrella] for instance and the first thing you’ll notice is the weight. This is much heavier than a comparably sized umbrella. That might sound like a problem at first, but consider the fact that we spent the better part of a day bashing this thing around like it was a baseball bat without leaving a scratch and you begin to understand the benefits of the extra weight. […] Originally these umbrellas were designed to be effective self-defense weapons. While we didn’t get a chance to fend off any attackers with them, we did get some heavy rainstorms and both umbrellas worked perfectly. Neither umbrella reversed on us despite some heavy gusts that would render most umbrellas useless.

Thaddeus Razdow & Claudia Paredes
MacDirectory’s Travel in Style Guide

This umbrella [the Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Premium with crook handle] proved recently when two people tried to rob me in Milan. They entered the lobby of my apartment block and came into the lift. I fooled around with them pretending I didn’t speak Italian. However when one put his hand in my pocket I chased him and his colleague off.
“My recommendation is to carry this everywhere because no one knows when someone will try to rob you.

E D Davidson
Milan, Italy

What really attracted my attention was the company’s promo videos […] I honestly wondered if these were doctored videos. Until I got my hands on one [Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella] that the company sent me. It was one drizzly afternoon in California when I first carried the Unbreakable Umbrella with me. With friends standing around me, I decided to do what the man in the promo video did. I chose a random steel light post on a street and started whacking as hard as I could against it like a crazy person, all the while praying that some cop wouldn’t come by and arrest me for attempted vandalism.

“I’m happy to report that both the light pole and the umbrella were both intact and relatively unharmed. The only concern I had was that after opening the umbrella (after the whacking) to check if it was Ok, I did notice a few miniscule tears on the black fabric. In the light drizzle, the tears made no difference at all but I was worried if the umbrella would hold up in a downpour. I got a chance to test it frequently, recently with the heavy rains in California.

“Amazingly, walking around under strong wind conditions and very heavy rain, those tiny tears seemed not to exist in regards to holding out water. I could still see them but it’s as if there were invisible barriers. I don’t know how or why that’s the case but the fact holds.

Dina Yuen
Asian Fusion Girl

I brought my umbrella [the Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Standard with crook handle] through all the TSA check points, French security checks including the Eiffel tower without a hitch. Only once was I approached by a few trinket vendors and a quick raise of my “umbrella” and they backed off right away. I found that we were not harassed as other tourists plus I felt equally ready to ward off anyone who thought the elderly couple might be easy.
“Oh by the way, it did rain once and my umbrella was the best working of all in the crowd.
“Great product and the most innocent-looking weapon I know of!

Michigan, USA

I own two Premium straight handle Unbreakable Umbrellas and recently received the Telescopic Unbreakable Umbrella. I really like the umbrella. It works great when using stick fighting techniques.

A. Y.
Owings Mills, Maryland

The idea of strengthening the one thing that is almost always in your hand already when you get into sticky situations is brilliant! I thought it was an expensive umbrella, but after some punks tried to rob me in Bangkok last week and I hit one of them with the Unbreakable Umbrella and stared the other down with the umbrella ready, it has already paid for itself! Thanks!”

Mikael A.
Stockholm, Sweden

I just received my Telescopic Umbrella. It is beautifully engineered and manufactured! I really appreciate the prompt delivery as well as the extra canopy.

P. S.
Oakland, California

I have bought three (3) of your umbrellas so far and they are flat out the best I have ever handled! I live in the desert, so pulling the trigger on a $100+ umbrella was tough, buyer’s remorse and all that jazz. That is until it arrived and I got to handle the things! Just a flat out quality product!

Derrel Carter
Las Vegas, Nevada

Tactically discreet … flies well under the radar … can cause some serious damage … very useful for those with little or no formal self-defense training…. If you are on the hunt for a tool which does not bring any unwanted attention, then give the Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella a serious look. Plus you get a great umbrella as well.”

EDC Central

I greatly enjoy the umbrella [the Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Standard with crook handle]. I have traveled with it to Europe without anyone glancing twice at it and in the rain it was the best umbrella I have ever used. Held up great in heavy winds that had lesser umbrellas turning inside-out.

Bruce Nelson DDS
Phoenix, Arizona

I have been traveling with your Unbreakable Umbrella [the Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Premium with crook handle] worldwide and it actually comes in very handy in every way, makes me & my family feel much more secure as I have a defence equipment that I can utilise during raining periods, thanks for making such a wonderful item.

TH Liew
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am very impressed with the product and plan to talk about it on the radio show I host every Sunday.”

Dr. Dave Janda
Operation Freedom (WAAM Talk 1600)

Listen to Dr. Dave Janda talk about the Unbreakable® Umbrella with its inventor, Thomas Kurz
Just wanted to say that I received my Unbreakable Umbrella today. I had previously purchased one a few years ago for my elderly father. For Christmas a few years ago he mentioned he wanted “a really good umbrella” and after a quick Google search I bought one of your umbrellas and had it shipped to him … and never thought much about it. A couple of months ago (when it started raining here in the Pacific Northwest) I asked him if he still used the umbrella I bought him and he replied, `All the time. It’s excellent!’

“Personally I have always just layered up on the foul weather gear and never used an umbrella myself, but recently I’ve thought about getting one, so I ordered yours.

“Man, this thing is awesome! I carried it tonight at a large public outdoor event with thousands of people in attendance. Walking through the crowds with my Unbreakable Umbrella gave me a whole new level of confidence. This thing is built like a tank and I have no question that it would perform as advertised should I need it to defend myself. The friends I showed it to tonight were blown away. Don’t be surprised if you get a few more orders from Vancouver Island in the next few weeks 🙂

“Thanks for producing such a unique and quality product. Keep up the great work.

Rod Freeman
Ladysmith, British Columbia
Talon Tactical Inc.

Thanks again for the remarkably fast shipping. Thanks to your umbrella [the Unbreakable® Walking-Stick Umbrella Premium with crook handle] I feel completely safe walking the streets of Europe in the wee hours of the morning. Special kudos on making the crook open enough to hook a neck, simply brilliant.

Chris Barrows
The Soterian Group
Specialized Security and Risk Consultancy

The ideal defense weapon! My first choice when it comes to my personal safety.

Unbreakable® Umbrella - The Ideal Defense Weapon

Albstadt, Germany
Authorized instructor of Irish Stick Fighting Doyle Style

My favourite model of the Unbreakable Umbrella is the Crooked handle one. The reason for this is that it provides a great deal of support which is necessary when I’m walking with the bad knee injury that occasionally reoccurs on my right leg.

“The crooked top umbrella is ideal to provide the required support. It is designed to be very strong so it can bear my full body weight. In addition when you are injured certain elements in society unfortunately seem to see you as a easy target. This is where having the support and confidence provided by having a legally carried item which not only provides mobility assistance but can be used to defend yourself is ideal.

“I use it everyday having recently damaged my knee again and just in the space of the last week it has prevented my becoming a victim of two attacks that I could see were about to be initiated. Without the Unbreakable Umbrella in my hand I do not know what would have happened to me in my vulnerable state. Violence was avoided because I had the confidence that I could defend myself with the Umbrella. Mr. Kurz and Mr. Boyle (owner of, have my deepest thanks for making available a tool that helps decent law abiding citizens get by without having to make any compromises. As society becomes more dangerous the Unbreakable Umbrella’s value is increasing.

Mr. H S Kanth, United Kingdom
Full text of Mr. Kanth’s testimonial is posted at, our dealer in the United Kingdom.

During the Hapkido Cane DVD shoot with Paladin Press last month, I used an Unbreakable® Umbrella to perform some of the techniques. This umbrella is an attractive functional umbrella, but also serves as a formidable weapon if needed. I beat on a heavy bag with it, and used it to perform cane techniques that incorporated striking and joint locking.

Alain Burrese
Missoula, Montana
Author of Hapkido Cane DVD from Paladin Press

We have written in the past (see the November and December 2006 issues of AEGIS) of the virtues of a cane for self-defense. While the cane is an appropriate emergency safety tool for people of a certain age, it is unlikely that many under 50 will choose to carry a cane.

“We recently became aware of another option: The Unbreakable® Umbrella. While not cheap at $199.95 for either the crooked or straight version, it is certainly not the most expensive umbrella we have seen on the market.

“The umbrella weighs less than two pounds, and is as strong as they claim. Besides being an excellent impact weapon, it is also an excellent umbrella. Ours by chance arrived on a day when there was a strong wind advisory, and we were not able to make it turn inside out, in spite of our best efforts. If you need to carry an impact weapon, but are not in a position to carry either a baton or a cane, we strongly recommend the Unbreakable® Umbrella. If you are merely looking for one of the best umbrellas available, we strongly recommend the Unbreakable® Umbrella.

Richard B. Isaacs
AEGIS journal

When I first saw this `Unbreakable® Umbrella‘ I thought, `Is this guy for real?’ Now that I’ve thoroughly studied this product, I’m pretty sure he is NOT screwing around. This is just a GREAT idea. I can’t wait to lay into my heavy bag with one of these!

Tim Schmidt
U.S. Concealed Carry — The Ultimate Resource for the Armed Citizen

I received my Unbreakable Walking-Stick Umbrella, straight knob, ordered internationally, in only twelve days. The pictures do not do it justice, it is an extremely beautiful piece of workmanship to hold in the hand. Your customer service is truly excellent and I will highly recommend you to my friends and associates.

Paddy Turley
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Just a quick note to say thanks for the umbrella. I received it last week and I’m very happy with it.

“Perhaps unlike many of your customers I didn’t buy your umbrella with self-defense in mind. I have bought something like twenty umbrellas over the last twenty years or so and each one has been disappointing in that they just seem to fall apart after an unacceptably short time—and I’ve never subjected any umbrella to more than light use. As a result I’ve been on the hunt for an umbrella that would stand more wear and tear so when I saw the Unbreakable Umbrella I figured that was the umbrella for me.

“Now I feel confident that my Unbreakable Umbrella will stand up to everything an umbrella should. Not only that, but the style of the umbrella is everything I could have wanted—it looks and feels right and it has a heft and a look that speak of a well-constructed quality product.

Ian Cooper
Wakefield, Massachusetts

Just a quick note to say again how happy I am with your Unbreakable Umbrella, which I’ve now owned for about a year. It’s still going strong and giving great service when other umbrellas would probably have already started to fall apart. In fact my wife bought an umbrella (not one of yours) at about the same time and it’s already in the trash – the handle came loose so she had to buy another one. The shaft on your umbrella is so strong that, apart from the umbrella’s potential as a weapon of self-defense, it works really well as an all-in-one umbrella/walking stick.

Ian Cooper
Wakefield, Massachussets

I would like to take a moment to tell you how happy I am with my new Unbreakable Umbrella. Having been a martial artist for over 30 years I have always wished to find a umbrella that could stand the strain of being used in a true self-defense situation. Your umbrella has answered that call and more! Thank you very much.

Curtis Hendricks
Springfield, Missouri

Our FMA training teaches us to be able to use items from everyday life. An umbrella obviously resembles a stick, but the simple fact is that all the umbrellas we’ve seen are too flimsy for most serious purposes. THIS ONE MEASURES UP. To confirm the claims made at I have put it through full power two-handed baseball bat swings at a heavy bag (I didn’t bother to stand on mine though). The impact generated was impressive and the umbrella still readily opened with the push of a button. We think this umbrella measures up as a worthy self-defense tool–and as an umbrella too. Woof!

Crafty Dog (Marc Denny)
Hermosa Beach, California
Dog Brothers Martial Arts

Your product is as simple and as effective as we saw in your video. I can carry it everywhere. Many other agencies wanted to know where they could purchase this Unbreakable® Umbrella.

Member of PSG
(Presidential Security Group)

As a Defensive Tactics Instructor and one who works with law enforcement and military personnel, I am usually quite critical of `self-defense fads.’ However, I don’t feel this product falls into that category. I think it would make for a very viable self-defense adjunct in someone’s arsenal. It is a very innocuous utilitarian object that most people would not look twice at. That is, until they felt it’s capabilities first hand.

Mike McGuire
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The umbrella is great! I love the way that it opens up (very smooth) and it’s very light yet feels solid. I feel the umbrella would be good in an encounter with more than one attacker or possible protection against a knife, hopefully never have to use it for that! I haven’t tried it in the rain. I certainly feel safe walking around with it.

Guy Guneri
London, United Kingdom

I was asked to test the Unbreakable® Umbrella and did so with every intention of destroying it. It stood up to every kind of usage I could devise. My testing leads me to believe the Unbreakable® Umbrella lives up to its name, and is indeed Unbreakable.

Dave McNeill
Goju-Shorei Systems

Well that was fast! My Unbreakable Umbrella has arrived, and I’m very pleased with it. Just as advertised, it looks and carries just like a regular umbrella, but the owner can feel the entire thing is unusually stout. In fact, the high quality, polished wooden handle is almost too solid! You can really do damage with this umbrella, one solid blow to the head could easily drop a very large person.

“Thanks for the quick delivery and quality craftsmanship.

Mr. Prefers to Remain Anonymous
Tai Jung, Taiwan

I just received my new Unbreakable Umbrella and am very happy with the quality of construction. The crook end has a nice weight feel to it and I’m sure it will give me years of great service.

Doug Hayden
Seymour, Connecticut

Just received the umbrella that I ordered. All is well and I am pleasantly surprised with the unit. Now I will walk not only with confidence but with style as well, thank you again.

Milan Kloubek

This is a totally different and ingenuous concept. The Unbreakable® Umbrella. It is tremendously strong, is able to deliver a devastating strike, a powerful block and – above all – is an article which any young, middle- or old-aged person can carry perfectly legitimately. A (none aggressive) young man (who has no martial arts skills) cannot easily walk around with a walking stick or staff to protect himself. But an umbrella is a totally different matter. Even on a fine day an umbrella would not be viewed with suspicion by the general public or (hopefully) by the police. The Unbreakable Umbrella looks like an ordinary ‘breakable’ one!

“You will find full details at:

“I prefer the straight-ended version rather than the curved handle ‘normal’ type. I like to be able to deliver a direct butt smash to the face, but I suppose the curved handle type looks more ‘innocent’. A matter of personal preference really. All types are effective for practical personal protection.

John Roberts-James
Darlington, United Kingdom
Personal Protection Publications

What excellent build quality, an excellent umbrella that looks like it will last years and years of use. The curved handle version I bought makes it fine as a walking stick for me, and it feels good to have it around when I am out and about late at night. I am going to order another for my family, this really is a solid, impressive piece of kit. “You can quote me on that too if you wish (please hide my email).

Rochdale, United Kingdom

I have two of your Unbreakable Umbrellas and truly like them.

Dr. Silvernail Smith
Chicago, Illinois

At the end of September, I watched broadcast of Japanese Fuji Television Network [showing your Unbreakable Umbrella]. This umbrella is the best. This umbrella can easily put a robber under control. And this umbrella does not kill the robber, unlike a handgun or a knife. In Japan there is an umbrella [with] a Japanese sword inside for self-protection. However, [one needs] permission from the police to carry this. When one’s weapon is more powerful than [that of a] robber, self-defense is not accepted [as justification] when one kills a robber in Japan. I think this is a very shameful judgment. I may protect oneself and [my] family from robbery from now on more safely [as] I was able to buy your umbrella.

Masakatsu Suzuki
Tokyo, Japan

Just received my Unbreakable Umbrella and it’s a beauty not only in the way it looks but I tried it out on my heavy bag and it is solid to the max. Thanx for the fast delivery of your item, I appreciate. I’m certain it will come in handy in any future travels!”

Pete Costanzo
Las Vegas, Nevada

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of this item, it is a beautifully solid piece of work and truly does live up to its reputation. I will purchase more Unbreakable Umbrellas in the future. Thank you.

Paul Quach
Monterey Park, California

I recently purchased your Unbreakable® Umbrella for self-defense purposes on the street. This instrument besides being the best umbrella I have ever seen can be used in some pretty rough combat situations.

“Having been an engineer, I decided to really examine and subject the umbrella to some pretty rough stress tests. The umbrella came through every combat test and manufacturing engineering scrutiny I could think of. I am so pleased with its results that I am now considering purchasing a second one to keep in my car besides the one I now have for the home and street. A great self-defense product!

Dr. Richard J. Vahl
San Diego, California

As a traveling account executive crossing many states I had considered purchasing the Unbreakable Umbrella to be used as both an umbrella and potentially as a method of self-defense. My travels take me to hotels across the south and I travel sometimes late evening hours.

“Recently my back finally gave out and I am scheduled for back surgery. Not being very old I did not want to use a cane because of the image I need to keep up in sales. An umbrella would not be looked at unfavorably. Since I needed to have it do double duty I need the umbrella to have rubber tips to keep it from slipping to use as a cane and as an umbrella. The authorized seller,, quickly sent me two tips. I absolutely love this umbrella.

“At 240lbs I still do not worry about it collapsing when I am using it as a cane. I doubt I will wear out the rubber tips but I wanted to make sure I do not run out in case they do and ordered four more. quickly responded `no problem.’ Selling Industrial Services I know the importance of good customer service. This company knows real customer service. Speedy service and a `no problem attitude.’ I am recommending them to all my co-workers and friends. They are a pleasure to do business with.

“Thank you so much for being there.

Elwyn Green
Texarkana, Texas

The first incident was in Shanghai […] I was waiting for a bus when I was set up by some pickpockets, but fortunately I caught one with his hand down my back pocket and grabbed his arm. I punched him and shoved him away into the street, then turned my attention to his cohort. I lifted weights back then, but didn’t do any sort of martial arts training, so when he pulled a knife out on me I panicked a little bit. So I grabbed my Unbreakable Umbrella hanging off my backpack and just swung at his general direction. Eventually I got him far enough that I could confidently employ the Nike defense (aka run away).

“The second incident was a brawl at a basketball court. Some guy was playing dirty and tried to grab my arm and throw me to the ground, but he wasn’t nearly strong enough, and I ended up whipping around and punching him in the throat. That got his friends into it, then my friends into it, and pretty soon the whole gym was into it. It was about 10 foreigners vs. 20-25 locals. We were outnumbered, but the adrenaline was flowing and I grabbed my Unbreakable Umbrella and poked at soft spots with the business end of it. Fortunately most of the participants were fake tough guys, but I don’t think I would have had nearly as much confidence without my umbrella.”

Walnut, California

Around the time of Desert Storm (yes, I am an old fart) I was out at night in Washington, D.C., with an attractive female friend. Coming out of the Metro, we were verbally accosted by a man who looked like a football player and claimed to be a Vietnam vet. He had chosen the location so that he had avenues of retreat and no one was likely to assist us. Affected with `young man’s disease,’ but no experience or training in unarmed combat, I refused to give him money, or even give ground, as he aggressively approached and made intimidating gestures. I noticed his eyes kept moving toward my friend. She maneuvered to his side and divided his attention. I then moved past him, took advantage of his focus on her, and disengaged. I later realized she had taken up an defensive/aggressive posture with her umbrella and I believe this prevented an assault. Earlier I had questioned why she carried the umbrella and she dismissed my question. After the incident she explained that she usually carried it defensively for situations like we had just encountered. Your umbrella will help allay fear, so I can continue enjoying cities. Come to think of it, I will have one shipped to my friend. She may have saved my ass.


I did receive my Unbreakable Umbrella, and all I can say is, WOW!! This is a really nice piece of self-defense tool.

Mark Lionelli
Mickleton, New Jersey

I received my U-111 straight-handled Unbreakable® Umbrella today and wanted to say a huge thank you for creating a beautiful yet unobtrusive umbrella which is also a perfectly weighted and balanced, dense, mid-length weapon.”

“After just a few minutes of basic familiarisation training with this weapon I am thrilled with it. I’m a vertically challenged female and this is a perfect weapon for me. It very effectively increases my range and has enough heft to be accurately controlled.”

“With a great deal of daily practice I now feel confident that I have found the perfect defensive urban weapon for myself. I have it beside me at all times and look forward to using your training materials to learn and add new techniques and strategies over time.”

“Best money I ever spent!

Please do not publish my name

Order The Unbreakable® Umbrella.

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