Self-Defense Tip 111 Sucker Punch: What Not to Do

Don’t lose the opportunity to stop a sucker punch attack — with a crippling evasion

Opportunity lost

The assault began with a clothes grab, which was not used by the victim to end the assault.

As soon as an attacker gets a grip of your clothes, the attacker should have a fully dislocated shoulder and writhe on the ground puking out of pain.

The move looks like a passive defense — nothing aggressive, nothing hostile — just an evasion. That evasion instantly cripples the attacker. Such moves are taught on Basic Instincts of Self-Defense.

And don’t protest that the attacker was not only gripping the victim’s clothes but also punching him. These punches were not an obstacle to the above defense.

Don’t give the opportunity for the sucker punch, or whatever attack — keep out of the opponent’s center line

Opportunity given

When someone potentially hostile approaches you, don’t stand in a spot. MOVE to keep a safe distance and WATCH — DON’T TALK. Don’t even open your mouth. If you must open your mouth, do so only when you are at a distance at which the other can’t strike you without taking at least two long steps. WATCH and keep moving outside the other’s lead foot. This forces the attacker to turn toward you before striking and thus give you time for reaction. Basic Instincts of Self-Defense teaches this too.

BTW, I care neither for the scum nor for the sheltered type.

Self-defense tip from Thomas Kurz, co-author of Basic Instincts of Self-Defense and author of Science of Sports Training, Stretching Scientifically, and Flexibility Express.

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Self-Defense Moves

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Mental Toughness

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4 thoughts on “Self-Defense Tip 111 Sucker Punch: What Not to Do”

  1. Fantastic useable advice. I just forwarded to our son in college, and our other son who is a recent grad and living downtown, around a lot of these foaming at the mouth idiots. Our sons realize that you can’t reason with stupid and have every right in our country to properly protect themselves. Thanks for the guidance.

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