Self-Defense Tip 105 Training for Self-Defense with an Umbrella, a Stick, or a Cane

Simple system of self-defense with a walking-stick umbrella, a stick, or a cane

I’d never thought anyone would ask about a system of learning and training to use the Unbreakable® Umbrella in self-defense. Even so, some asked, and below are two examples of questions I would never have thought of:

“I would like to know what self-defense system would be best for learning how to use the umbrella. I have never had any martial arts training. I do know how to use guns, but live in Illinois, which doesn’t much care for guns. Well, not for the public. I’ve never wanted to learn other weapons because they aren’t practical to carry. (OK, I have knives but the ones I carry aren’t considered much in the way of self-defense weapons.) So, I’m thinking that the Unbreakable Umbrella is a great idea. It doesn’t make much sense to buy it if I don’t learn how to use it right though.”

“I would be quick to purchase one of your umbrellas if it came with training, be it DVD’s or online streaming videos or the like. I have trained with various weapons over the years, but feel that if I were to get my money’s worth from your umbrellas I would need some form of training.”

My answer:
In a fight, distance is your friend, so keep it. In a fight, when you have a stick in your hand, keep your distance and use the stick’s length . . . to keep your distance…. An umbrella is like a stick. Take a hint from the video below.

Unbreakable® Umbrella, a Coconut, and a Hint

The System
Practice hitting a small target on the move, like in the video above, until you can rely on this skill. Back it up with techniques of long weapon retention (see the following video on keeping hold of your umbrella), and that’s the whole system you need for defending yourself with an umbrella. The same applies to self-defense with canes and walking-sticks.

Keeping Hold of Your Unbreakable® Umbrella

By the way:
For self-defense use of canes, walking-sticks, and umbrellas, many advise bayonet-style stabs or thrusts as the optimal technique. That advice is ok — if your first thrust is powerful enough to end a fight. If it is not, then you will be very sorry. . . . To effectively thrust bayonet-style an assailant with your stick or umbrella, you have to hit him much harder than you would with a bayonet — because your blunt weapon has neither the point of the bayonet nor the rifle’s mass behind it. So don’t do it unless you can impact an attacker as hard as the video below shows. See for yourself and see the alternative.

Stabs or Thrusts vs. Swings: Self-Defense with Canes, Sticks, and Umbrellas

If you want to dig deeper into this subject, see Self-Defense Tip #55 — The Unbreakable® Umbrella in self-defense, Part II. Then, watch the video below and think how many of the moves shown on it are actually sound defenses. And I say this even though the video features the Unbreakable® Umbrella. . . .

Tactical umbrella — silly tricks and acrobatics

More on systems of using the Unbreakable® Umbrella in self-defense:
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Applying any of the techniques mentioned above is your sole responsibility.

Neither Never-Thought-of-It LLC nor the author of this self-defense tip, nor persons pictured in this self-defense tip, make any representation, warranty, or guarantee that the techniques described or shown in this tip will be safe, effective, or legal in any self-defense situation or otherwise.

The reader or viewer assumes all risks and hazards of injury or death to herself, himself, or others, as well as any resultant liability for the use of the techniques and methods contained in this self-defense tip.

Specific self-defense responses demonstrated or described in this self-defense tip may not be justified in certain situations in light of all the circumstances or under the applicable federal, state, or local law. Neither Never-Thought-of-It LLC nor the author of this self-defense tip makes any representation or warranty regarding the legality or appropriateness of any techniques described or demonstrated in this self-defense tip.

Self-defense tip from Thomas Kurz, co-author of Basic Instincts of Self-Defense and author of Science of Sports Training, Stretching Scientifically, and Flexibility Express.

The Unbreakable Umbrella -- better than a cane, keeps the rain off, whacks like a steel pipe.

Self-Defense Moves

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For your defense moves to work under stress they must be based on your natural, instinctive reactions, require little strength and limited range of motion, and be proven in fighting experience.

To learn how your natural reactions can instantly defeat any unarmed attack, see the video Basic Instincts of Self-Defense.

Defend Against Weapons

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To defend against weapons you have to know how they are used. Also — every stick has two ends … the weapon of attack may become a weapon of defense in your hand …

To learn how the typical street weapons (club, knife, razor) are used by an experienced streetfighter and how to practice with them, see the video Self-Defense: Tools of Attack — Club, Hatchet, Blackjack, Knife, Straight Razor.

Mental Toughness

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6 thoughts on “Self-Defense Tip 105 Training for Self-Defense with an Umbrella, a Stick, or a Cane”

  1. The Russian video shows too many fancy moves in close quarters. Tangling up with an attacker when one can move back and strike. Ridiculous.


    CTS (Counterpoint Tactical System) teaches self-defense with empty hands, knife, and stick and combinations thereof. I also came to martial arts from a shooting background, with no previous martial arts experience, and I’ve been very happy with CTS. I own a full-size Unbreakable Umbrella and would be confident using it for self-defense with what I’ve learned in CTS.

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