Self-Defense Tip 96 Cane or Umbrella vs. Knife and Baseball Bat: What Is Wrong?

Defenses against a knife threat and a baseball bat attack: What is right and what is wrong?

Look at demos of defenses against a knife threat and a baseball bat attack, and comment on what is right and what is wrong with these defenses (scroll down the page to submit your comment).

Defense against a knife threat 1

Defense against a knife threat 2

Defense against a baseball bat attack

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3 thoughts on “Self-Defense Tip 96 Cane or Umbrella vs. Knife and Baseball Bat: What Is Wrong?”

  1. First video

    Wrong: not trying to go away as soon as opponent is seen (of course, if he follows, you have to face him before getting stabbed in the back – but apparently he’s not there to kill you so probably he won’t follow).

    Right: not staying near the door so as to keep mobile

    Right: defensive posture

    Wrong: not enough effort to distract opponent verbally

    Right: attack knife-wrist first (« attack first what offends you the most »), then attack the face, while getting out of the line of attack

    Wrong: not kicking knife away after take down

    Wrong: no finishing (it’s your home, so the opponent knows where you live – it’s not enough to go away – you have to restrain the opponent and call the cops, and it’s gonna take a while before they arrive, so how do you do it?).

    Second video

    First, that’s a terrible attack. Opponent should come from the back, by surprise. Amateur.

    Wrong: not trying to get back in the car where it is safer than outside (if the opponent tries to enter the car, he has to make himself vulnerable to the umbrella tip)

    Wrong: not exploiting the car as a shield (as long as the car is between you and the opponent, you’re safe in principle – if he pulls out a gun then OK give him the keys) and exposing himself to the opponent (what if opponent has a second weapon or a friend coming from another angle?).

    Wrong: not hitting opponent until he’s down.

    Wrong: not making sure he does not get up until the cops are there.

    Wrong: hoping opponent won’t reach for a second weapon in his pocket while you apply a fancy transport technique.

    Wrong: taking opponent to your backyard rather than to the cops.

    Third video

    Right: staying mobile, defensive posture

    Right: trying to deflect bat rather than block it, and getting out of the line

    Right: thrusting with the umbrella rather than « cutting »

    Wrong: target should be head (throat), not belly.

    Wrong: believing that one such blow is enough. He should continue until the opponent is down.One thrust to the belly and opponent gets paralyzed? Come on!

    I could write plenty more but I’m getting tired.

  2. Well, they are fun videos but nothing like real life. Perhaps the criminals in this country where the videos were made are very well-mannered and polite, and they co-operate beautifully with their victims’ defense but here in the USA it is different. Criminals use surprise, intimidation, and speed. Your defense needs to be the same.

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